Project Results

The project results have the potential to be integrated by different branches of the education systems of the participating countries, such as Higher, Adult and School Education: entities active in these fields could adopt the Conceptual Framework or use the Platform to create innovative, engaging e-learning experiences, thus contributing to a reinforced response of Education and Training systems to the current digital education challenges.


Transnational research

A research in the six partner countries will be implemented to analyze "Game-Based Learning: Best Practices & Requirements for Digital Environment".

At each national level, best practices in game-based learning in offline and online environments will be collected to provide an analytical input on how successful cases of gameplay applied to education and training are designed and implemented in the Partners’ countries, and Focus Groups with VET teachers, trainers and learners will be implemented to gather their needs and requirements.

The results will be used by the transnational research team to identify the process and system features and the game elements to transfer into a Conceptual Framework for Game-based e-Learning Programs.

Final report

Final Report

National reports

Report ES Report GR Report IT Report PL Report PT Report RO

Conceptual framework for gamified e-learning programs

This result aims to provide vocational teachers and trainers with a reference structure to design gamified learning experiences through an iterative and incremental approach.

The Framework was developed around the findings of the transnational research on gamification and game-based learning and validated with over 138 VET experts.

Final report

Final Report

Game-based e-learning programs templates

Six Game-based e-Learning Programs Templates, designed with and for VET teachers and trainers, will be produced.

They will be based on the innovative Conceptual Framework, resulting from the most successful (derived from best practices) and required (derived from the focus groups with a representative sample of the target group) elements, dynamics and mechanics of gameplay in both offline and online learning environments.

The Templates will be designed to be flexible and work with any curriculum, and provide learners with key competencies for lifelong learning: digital and technology-based competencies, interpersonal skills, the ability to adopt new competencies, problem-solving, leadership, autonomy and responsibility, decision making, and adaptability to change.

Final report

Final Report

Sparks e-learning platform

An online learning platform will be developed to drive information, tools and resources to support and enhance the delivery and management of Game-based e-Learning Programs.

The Platform will provide a wizard to create e-Learning Programs based on the Programs Templates: VET providers will be able to generate and manage their own game-based e-learning programs, reward progress and achievements as well as implement gamified assessments, by choosing the template they prefer, adding/deleting components according to their needs, and providing the platform with the information and learning material they need to transfer into their program.

The platform will be tested in pilot with VET providers and learners and refined accordingly. It will also host a long-term virtual transnational community composed of education and training providers interested in innovating their practices through digital game-based learning and sharing knowledge and experiences.


Guidance material

Video tutorials, e-learning modules and use cases for teachers and trainers, and an interactive user manual for learners will be developed to support the correct and consistent creation, implementation, and management of Game-Based e-Learning Programs on the e-learning platform.

These outputs will provide educators with skills and knowledge about concepts and models related to e-learning, gamification and game-based learning, about how to effectively deliver engaging and innovative online and distance learning experiences.

The Project

Sparks, a Partnership for Digital Education Readiness project, co-founded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Union and implemented by six organizations from Greece, Italy, Spain, Polan, Portugal and Romania, aims to develop a new Conceptual Framework for Game-Based e-Learning Programs and E-Learning platform to let VET providers deliver innovative online learning experiences with the use of gamification, and boost their learners’ motivation and engagement in learning.