Project Results

The consortium developed five key results: Transnational Research on Gamification and Game-Based Learning; a Conceptual Framework and Template for Gamified E-Learning Programs; Guidance Material for Educators and Learners. The results were designed for vocational education and training providers, but have the potential to be integrated into Higher, Adult and School Education to create innovative, engaging e-learning experiences that can contribute to a reinforced response of Education and Training systems to the current digital education challenges.


Transnational research

The consortium conducted research in the six partner countries to analyse "Gamification & Game-Based Learning: Best Practices & Requirements for Digital Environment".

At each national level, best practices in game-based learning in offline and online environments were collected to provide analytical input on how successful cases of gameplay applied to education and training are designed and implemented in the Partners’ countries, and Focus Groups with VET teachers, trainers and learners were implemented to gather their needs and requirements.

The results were used by the transnational research team to identify the process and system features and the game elements to transfer into a Conceptual Framework for Game-based e-Learning Programs.

Final report

Abbruzzese G., Acomi O., Acomi N., Bochniarz J., Castro Antonio A.M., Gonçalves D., Lanzetta M., Lima M., Machado J., Melissinou R., Morell Gonzalez P.M., Pistofidou F., & Cruz Carrera R.. (2021). Gamification and Game-Based Learning: Best Practices and Requirements for Digital Environments. Zenodo.

Final Report

National reports

Report ES Report GR Report IT Report PL Report PT Report RO

Conceptual framework for gamified e-learning programs

This result aims to provide vocational teachers and trainers with a reference structure to design gamified learning experiences through an iterative and incremental approach.

The Framework was developed around the findings of the transnational research on gamification and game-based learning, enriched via interviews with over 80 VET students and validated with over 138 VET experts.

Final report

Abbruzzese G., Lanzetta M., Acomi O., Acomi N., Bochniarz J., Castro Antonio A.M., Kosterski M., Lipinska A., Melissinou R., Pistofidou F., & Psiha K. (2022). Conceptual Framework For Gamified E-Learning Programs. Zenodo.

Final Report

Game-based e-learning programs templates

Collection of Gamified e-Learning Programs Templates, designed together with over 100 education and training experts in six countries, using Sparks' Conceptual Framework. The templates provide inspirational examples and information to design engaging learning experiences through gamification. They can be a source for further development of more complex courses and activities.

The Collection also includes a Facilitator’s Guide, collecting a set of guiding questions and possible actions for facilitating Co-creation Labs aimed at designing the outline of gamified E-Learning programs implementing the project’s Conceptual Framework.

Final report

Abbruzzese G., Lanzetta M., Acomi N., Acomi O., Bochniarz J., Castro Antonio A.M., Franco J., Gonçalves D., Illán Rodríguez A., Kosterski M., Lipinska A., López Cruz M., Melissinou R. & Pistofidou F. (2022). Templates of Gamified E-Learning Programs. Zenodo.

Final Report

Sparks e-learning platform

An online learning platform was developed to let teachers and trainers create and manage their gamified e-learning courses

The Platform provides a wizard, with step-by-step guidance, to create e-Learning programs or courses: VET providers can generate and manage their own gamified e-learning programs, reward progress and achievements as well as implement gamified assessments, by choosing the template they prefer, adding/deleting components according to their needs, and providing the platform with the information and learning material they need to transfer into their program.

The platform was tested with over 220 participants, including teachers, trainers and learners, and refined accordingly to meet their needs.


Guidance material

Video tutorials, e-learning modules and use cases for teachers and trainers, and a user manual for learners were developed to support the creation, implementation, and management of gamified e-learning programs on the project platform.

These outputs seek to provide educators with skills and knowledge about concepts and models related to e-learning, gamification and game-based learning, as well as strategies to design and deliver engaging online or hybrid learning experiences through gamification.

Guidance material

The Project

Sparks, a Partnership for Digital Education Readiness project, co-founded by the Erasmus Plus Programme of the European Union and implemented by six organizations from Greece, Italy, Spain, Polan, Portugal and Romania, aims to develop a new Conceptual Framework for Game-Based e-Learning Programs and E-Learning platform to let VET providers deliver innovative online learning experiences with the use of gamification, and boost their learners’ motivation and engagement in learning.